my illustrations are primarily photo-based, but that can mean almost anything, given my taste for exaggeration, collage, and digital manipulation.

cover painting for the jewish graphic novel: critical approaches, published by rutgers university press, december 2008.

counting my bruchas. illustration for naamat woman magazine, fall issue, 2007.

birthday portrait for a. coblentz. 2007.

thank you card. 2007.

wedding invitation for m. libicki and m. yoshioka. 2007.

carry that weight. illustration for shma magazine, november issue, 2006.

cover for new voices, may/june issue, 2006.

cover for sequential tart, may issue, 2006.

cafepunks. 2006.

read. 2006.

suffer + be still (slingshot). 2004.

van city. 2004.

high rise. 2006.

i am a princess wanderer. 2003.