The Jewish Graphic Novel: Critical Approaches” is an anthology with some of Miriam’s work that came out from Rutgers University press.  With a cover painting by Miriam, an interview with Miriam, and the all-new drawn essay, “Jewish Memoir Goes Pow! Zap! Oy!”

“The Jewish Graphic Novel” is a lively, interdisciplinary collection of essays that addresses critically acclaimed works in this subgenre of Jewish literary and artistic culture. Featuring insightful discussions of notable figures in the industry – such as Will Eisner, Art Spiegelman, and Joann Sfar – the essays focus on how graphic novels are increasingly being used in Holocaust memoir and fiction, and to portray Jewish identity in America and abroad.


The Jewish Graphic Novel Cover

The Jewish Graphic Novel Cover

Hard Cover, 292 pages.

Published: December 2008


ISBN: 978-0813543673
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