My illustrations are primarily photo-based, but that can mean almost anything, given my taste for exaggeration, collage, and digital manipulation.


“BRCA or Bracha?” for Na’amat Woman magazine. Ink on paper, 2007

“Carry That Weight,” for Sh’ma magazine. Ink and watercolour on paper, 2006

“The People of the Comic Book” for The Jewish Graphic Novel: Critical Approaches, published by Rutgers University Press. Watercolour on paper, 2008



“Nuclear Summer.” Watercolour on paper, 2010

“Wedding Invitation: Mike and Miriam.” Silkscreen on paper, 2007

“Thank You Card Design.” Graphite on paper, 2007.



“Café Punks.” Graphite on paper, 2005

“Same Sex Spouse of Frankenstein (after Egon Schiele).” Watercolour on paper, 2007.

“Stan and Sumi.” Watercolour on paper, 2010.